We're Ariana & Kyle Govan of Chasing Dharma, BuddhaBlends Food Truck, and most recently - The Knotty Nomad (coming soon!). We are rooted in entrepreneurship, sustainability, and mindfulness; these are the things that fuel us.


We're currently living in our self-converted Ram Promaster with our dog, Shakti, chasing sunrises and exploring new places. We drink kombucha like it's our job and we're always looking forward to the next music festival.

Our purpose goes far beyond our small businesses and life on the road; we are here to change the world. We're passionate about community, veganism, wellness, and travel. Turning our passions into work is what we do best.


We hope to inspire you, learn from you, and share stories along the way.

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Lifestyle blog with a focus on sustainability, holistic wellness, mindfulness, minimalism, and travel. Inspiring others to manifest their dream life, prioritize their mental health, and follow their Dharma (life purpose).

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